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of fortune 500 companies with you name? bill gates, not for more than a decade. i know you want to say steve jobs, but you can't. jamie dimon, okay, you win. i know you can probably name a lot of big public companies especially if you have any sort of investments in them, but these matter companies matter. they make products you buy and employ people. a lot of them. exhibit a, microsoft is about to get a ceo, only the third one in its 38-year history. you know the first guy. you probably know the second, steve balmer. but who is going to be the third ceo of microsoft? here are three men of five who have made it to the short list since microsoft board began looking for a replacement for steve balmer. just last night they broke the exclusive details for the final short list. she joins me now. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> why do we care about microsoft and who the ceo is? >> we care because microsoft is one of the largest technology companies out there. they have a shareholder activist that is looking to get a board seat. steve balmer, bill gates, and microsoft is al
with steve kornacki, the infamous steve kornacki. julianna goldman, "washington post" columnist jonathan capehart and joining us from washington, d.c., john stanton. john, let me go to you first since you're in d.c. right now the senate is holding a vote or about to hold a vote on the toomey amendment which will broaden carveouts to corporations who might not feel okay with lgtb employees and just not want to abide by this nonstrip nation act. what do you see for the future of this bill? does it stand any hope in the house. >> the hope amongert spokers of the bill is that by including these kind of exemptions they can bring enough republicans in the senate they can have a big vogt vote and bring parish to the speaker. unequivocal speaker has said will not support the bill, encourage lawsuits, move it further to the right to placate him. it will be difficult for supporters of the bill to get republicans to go for it at this point. >> steve, what john said the speaker thinks it's going to increase frivolous legislation. they have done studies where there are discrimination in place and onl
am. >> steve gave up his job nine years ago, and finances his search for the monster by selling miniature models of nessie to tourists. what are some of the, kind of, established theories about nessie? >> people will look for all sorts of different things. we're all hunting for whatever the answer is, but some people are looking for giant sturgeon, or giant catfish. one guy is hunting for a time gate, back into the past. he believes the answer is, we're seeing things from way back in the past through this, weird. people have got all sorts of different ideas as to what it is. >> now, have you had any sightings yourself? >> i wouldn't say i've seen anything that is 100 percent, definitely one of these animals. >> hmm mm. >> if i saw one of these animals, possibly i wouldn't even tell anybody. you know, doing what i do, if you're asked 60 times a day, have you seen it yet? doesn't take long to say, no. >> yeah. >> but, if i had a long sighting of it, and 60 times a day i had to describe the same event to 60 different people, i'd probably resort back to saying, no. ♪ there's no pl
is sal. >>> all right, steve, we are looking at a commute that is actually doing pretty well. i was looking at some of these pictures and a lot of the word work is gone and the traffic dark roadwork is gone and if you look at the toll plaza, there is only a few cars and there is no roadwork reported on the actual bridge getting into the city. there was some roadwork on northbound 101 approaching the 880 split and that has been picked up and traffic is moving along nicely. there was some roadwork in dublin and there always seems to be roadwork in liver moore doesn't it. and it is looking good to fremont, let's get back to the desk. >>> public investors are excited because demand for the stock is high and it was higher than expected. katie is there at headquarters and i'm sure employees are more excited than investors, katie? >> good morning, pam, well, there is a lot of hype surrounding this and they have 230 million users which means huge potential but the downside is the company has yet to turn a profit. >> the i p pes are one of the founders of twitter. >> reporter: investors
. steve, is this rain? >> i don't know about next week, it is a wish more than an actual forecast, we have a lot of high clouds and they are already mostly sunny a lot of low 50s so not as cold as it has been, maybe a hint of a westerly breeze we will have 65 and it is mostly cloudy and cool to mild to warm and mostly cloudy and it will be cloudy for most but stays warm. high clouds, calm conditions and that easterly breeze is turning around. not much happening, 70s low, for some, a lot of mid-60s and lower 70s, here is sal. >>> we are looking at the commute in the east bay, starting off with the bay bridge and traffic is backing up and metering lights for san francisco will be tough about is a -- about a 15 minute wait. we will recommend you come in from oakland just go down to 880 and avoid 508 for the time- being -- 580 for the time- being. traffic is very slow and we do have a reporter on the scene brian flores who arrived shortly after the crash happened with more details. >> reporter: good morning, very unusual circumstances when you go on the freeway you don't expect to see anybody
weather and traffic, steve, how is your forecast? >> we have temperatures in the upper 50s for san francisco, 59 for hayward, a few 40s but generally a lot of 50s due to the cloud cover. we have a partly sunny afternoon, san francisco coming down each day and we topped out with low-to-mid 70s and we are going 65 with too testify in the way of cloud cover. cloud cover is coming through for most of the morning and that easterly breeze is now neutral. it doesn't look like there is an on shore breeze and still some 70s and a lot of upper $70 along the coast. here is sal. >>> in fact i am going to get rid of this here before i can put this map up, bear with me we have a bit of breaking traffic news here, we can go up with the map we have a new crash here west of highway 13 at the high street exit at high mcarthur involving a few vehicles and we have a witness who appeared to see somebody laying down in the center divider and they are not sure what the injuries are but there is slow traffic developing near high street. this just came in a few moments ago and chp is arriving now on the on
the executive directors authority we did an rrp. you approved initially the bond council with steve mall with his firm. at that point we also selected self disclosure council bill lofton and he's here today. so just before i introduce the team, the next steps will be that if you approve this resolution today it will go to the oversight board next week and if they approve it, it will go to department of finances. hopefully it will be sooner to offer their concurrence with this bond sale. and we are also waiting for the approval authority on the rocks to expend any proceeds then we can finalize it and get it to market. we are going total board of supervisors to increase the authority up to $70 million. with that i would like to point out the finance team members that we have in the audiences. bond council we have steve mall khan, joe watson, bob gamble and from the underwriteers jay chasmsky and della rosa. and that, i or the team would be happy to answer any questions. >> do you have [inaudible] laughed >> thank you so much. before we move on to commentary from commissioners, is there an
because twitter's gone public. steve sedgwick live for us in london. do people think this is going to pop huge at the open or what? >> reporter: well, it's popped huge before the open as well. they raised the price twice, brian. what's interesting is what led the dow higher yesterday, really old tech, microsoft trading at highest level in 12 years. now it's all about twitter, which upped its price target twice. $26 per share is the ipo price. they could have sold this twice over. it's valuing the company pretty highly. $18 billion is the valuations. there are caveats out there. some people slightly concerned. it doubles its revenue to 168 million u.s. dollars. year on year tripled its losses. a company very high valued still losing $164 million in the last quarter. in other struggling websites looking at potential merger, henry blodget, nothing coming out of it yet. would they like a full collaboration? they were just having breakfast, denton and blodget. >> two big brands and names in the business. when was the last time you walked out of your flat and went to the movie store and went a
florida news room. steve, the new twist is there's an accusation the coach said, jonathan martin, if you feel like you're being bullied, punch richie incognito in the face. >> reporter: it's hard to bleach almost the advice you give to a five-year-old on the schoolyard if this is true. it's been reported by pro, it's about jeff ireland, the gm, talking to martin's agent about the bullying before martin left the team, and the advice from the general manager was, they should duke it out. if that proves true, more of a public relations disaster for the dolphins. we asked which coaches told players to toughen up martin, and now we're asking if the gm told one player to punch out another player. >> off the field these two guys are thick as thieves and they went out together and hung out together. did a lot of stuff together. so if he had a problem with the way that guy was treating him, he had a funny way of showing it. >> that's really a common refrain we're hearing out of the dolphins locker room. despite racist tweets, racist phone messages, both white and black current dolphi
in the fourth quarter. steve liesman has more. >>> economic growth was hotter in the third quarter than investor expected but that could be cold comfort in the months ahead. the government gross domestic prodt rose 2.8% well ahead of the 2% consensus and the best quarterly number in a year. the data accounts for growth before the government shutdown and the controversial debt ceiling debate that many economist believe weaken growth in the current quarter. still, better to have more men tum than less. housing surged ahead by 14.6%, durable purchases by consumers up nearly 8% and exports up 4.5% and invenn tomorrowries,there was a big inventory, $86 billion. business equipment purchases fell and federal government fell by 1.7%. it's the strong growth ingrowth inventoriesith ncerns about the shut down that makes economists concerned about the current quarters' growth. if they put too much on the shelf last quarter, they will spend this quarter working it off. it's seen at 1.6%, one shot in the arm for global growth could be from europe. it cutted cutted lending rate w declining inflation. they sign
'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve's right over there. >> thank you. we do have some high clouds over us. it looks like they are beginning to fill out. a few 40s but nothing compared to a couple of mornings ago. we had a lot of 30s. some locations, san francisco still in the upper 50s. it won't take much although the higher clouds, a little puff of a westerly breeze will bring the temperatures down. sun and clouds here. cool, mild, warm. mostly sunny. higher clouds will ease out. you can see we're almost on the back side of a few of these. high clouds, mostly sunny. very calm conditions. maybe a hint of a north breeze. more of a werl later on -- westerly later on. here's sal. >>> good morning. we're looking at a tough commute on this thursday. traffic is going to be busy all over the place. we'll start off with the bay bridge toll plaza. live picture of the traffic here cueing up. it's backed up for about a 25, 30-minute delay before you make it into san francisco. lower peninsula looks good now but, of course, that will change this evening. you should plan ahead. 101
. >> let's see how this company trades. steve rattner and a whole bunch of chat on it on "morning joe," which starts right now. ♪ >>> it would be speculating about somebody who wasn't doing their job well. speculating about me means i'm continuing to do my job well. if i'm doing my job well it's good for people here. i don't see it as a burden. you got to have a huge ego to say oh, please it's a burden for you speculating on me to be the leader of the free world. that's a pretty huge ego to be complaining about that. it's complimentary and i'm flattered. >> good morning. it's thursday, november 7th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set -- >> you introduce and i ask. >> no, no. >> i'll ask that question. >> no. >> you can take all the time you want. >> no. >> i'm going jump straight to it. chris christie, we love him. he's wallowing in this. you did this. i love that zoom in. like that 1972 candidate. >> chris christie represents all the hopes and dreams. >> just answer the question now. just shut up now. come on. >> political talk, just stop it. answer the question. answer the q
. this is awesome. weta. washington dc. pilot productions. american public television. steves: the galata bridge spans the easy-to-defend inlet called the golden horn in the very heart of istanbul. a stroll across the bridge offers panoramic views of istanbul's old town, a chance to see how the fishermen are doing... and plenty of options for a drink or meal with a view. for fast food, istanbul-style, we're grabbing a fishwich, fresh from the guys who caught it, at one of the venerable and very tipsy fish-and-bread boats. oh, man. [ speaking turkish ] [ speaking turkish ] this is istanbul fast food, huh? now, this is what kind of fish? fresh mackerel. steves: from near the galata bridge, it's easy to hop a tour boat for a relaxing sail up the bosphorus and a chance to see the city from the water, with europe on one side and asia on the other. you'll pass massive cruise ships which pour thousands of tourists into the city for a frantic day of sightseeing and shopping. the boat passes homes of wealthy locals who can afford some of the priciest real estate in turkey -- bosphorus
allegations against his 319-pound teammate. tonight a question, were some of the coaches in on it? abc's steve osunsami starts us off with the very latest on this growing story. >> reporter: the accusations are so explosive, the nfl commissioner late today called for a formal investigation. were miami dolphin coaches the ones encouraging veteran offensive lineman richie incognito to toughen up second year offensive tackle jonathan martin. the harassment allegedly so severe espn is reporting that martin checked himself into a hospital for emotional distress. at a news conference the coach defended the team. >> the type of coaching since the day i walked through these doors has been one of honesty, respect and accountability to one another. >> reporter: incognito has a well earned reputation. in this video circulating from a sports bar, his famous short fuse is on dis explain. he's accused of sending racial slurs and voice mails. the drama is dividing the nfl. >> this game is hard as it is. there is no room for bullying in this league. >> reporter: former nfl coach herman edwards says bullying h
. steve, elisabeth, and brian, i hope you have your umbrellas. in a couple of hours we're going to be dealing with rain that is going to be moving through parts of new york, pennsylvania and even showers farther south across georgia and also parts of alabama. farther west we have another storm system that is bringing in a lot of rain, snow and strong winds across parts of the pacific northwest. travel out in the northern rockies, the state of washington and oregon will be tough today. temperatures across the surpbt part of the country -- across the central part of the country getting cold. now let's get over to brian with sports. >> we talked about football all year and about some of the head injuries. profootball hall of famer tony dorsett revealing he has a degenerative brain condition, a direct result of 12 years of breaking tackles and running away from big linemen. he was speaking to espn. he says he forgets things and gets lost taking his daughters to soccer games. >> i get frustrated. i get frustrated. i get frustrated and i say you're not -- you're just in a shell. you'r
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is on trial for the assault. steve rosenberg has more. >> he had been badly burned and nearly blinded. the bolshoi ballet's artistic director nine months ago. someone had thrown sulfuric acid into his face. now he had the chance to confront his alleged assailants. cameras crash of tv outside the courtroom, you could tell the drama inside would be as gripping you had ever seen on the stage of the bolshoi. because among those on trial here is one of the ballet troupe's own dancers. he is accused of organizing the attack. he is said to have felt seething resentment toward his boss. here in court, he described the accused as a talented dancer who he had promoted, but who had turned against him. he angrily rejected claims by the dancer that as artistic director he had taken bribes or had relations with some of the ballerina. the bolshoi has always been one of the jewels in russia's crown. this court case is a huge embarrassment and shines a spotlight on a murky backstage jealousy,ealously -- fierce rivalry, and revenge. but that comes as no surprise to those who know the bolshoi well. >> t
and end and steve nicholson on tnt to stand tall outcome and his older youth and don't tell them to. i don't know who could go to sleep this includes ego still negotiating. she moaned what to do this you should see them go from eighty students the unimpeded tinsel. don't get this. she's a phone. yes the one to go to the us. she is islam. they are nasty angel. today we got to do will. they are. bottles acted dumb stupid. a treat it's his belief that all the cooking. i mean. you can take the time to pull it off it's unwanted children twenty am a prefect realize that the teacher cook clean a popular spot for tourists to come to admire its many beautiful old thatched house i started building a school choice a pretty name for this tp stocking groups that resembled two terms joined in prayer. i a. a stretch to be as much as sixty eight. get some useful information. this week's design allows who went to the smooth slide of peace in the next time. more grueling new stories to my car. the villages themselves to work making such groups no nails screws and metal parts accused of these teams bring eve
. >> this is steve from substructures support, doing this substructure work. do these all but filled with concrete? >> yes, they do. once they are installed, we will come back and fill them. sometimes we will put concrete in them so the concrete crew can put in their forms and rebar. they work in close proximity to this particular operation. >> can you tell us anything about this gigantic rig? >> it is made in germany. it is a very high-powered drilling rig, basically. the rig itself is off the shelf , adapted for our particular installation and the methodology we have adapted and used here is the right combination of pork, crowd, and advancement rate -- of torque, crowd, and advancement right. >> this is a quiet compared with other installations. >> that is the distinct advantage. when you were pounding in downtown san and cisco, there are a lot of noise complaints with businesses and restaurants. this is a lot quieter and perhaps maybe a little more costly and slower than a typical pile driving rig, but the advantages are that it is quiet and you are not disturbing neighbors and it makes the cit
and users need to see a steve jobs like figure, one who has seen both as an innovator and also something who has a savvy business sense? yeah i think ideally that's what twitter has. twitter is a unique platform that the ads are a different kind of ad from anything we have ever seen before. so in a way you do need to be an inna i have tor. >> what does this mean for people who use twitter. what does it mean for someone who tweets tomorrow or a month from now? >> i think it is a very interesting question, and in the near term, there's probably not going to be any significance change, but one thing that people love about twitter is that it has become such a beacon for free speech. for expression. will that change with the eyes of wall street on it? will that change with pressures to make that quarterly profit. quarter after quarter, relentlessly, without end. as they try to look for ways to monotize user data. user information, user conversations. so i think in the short term, there probably won't be any change, and the long term lit be interesting to watch. >> monotizing user data can mean ma
together by steve and duncan of bit banger labs. >> that's it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time. >>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos from the web, we've got them "right this minute." >> a cabbie tries to stop a hit-and-run suspect. >> you're not going anywhere. >> how one bad driver became a one-man wrecking crew. >> a strange sight for voters who -- >> thought this eagle was in distress. >> what they did to get a tired bird back to shore. >> eric, you did your good deed
: implementation is one thing. delay is another thing. steve hayes in washington. martha: bombshell details on what the administration knew about the launch of the trouble-plagued website. new documents show the system didn't hold up under stress tests leading up to the big day. the question is why didn't they put it on hold. in fact they weren't even close to where they were going to be. the site could tomorrow handle 1,000 users on a day before october 1. that's 1,000 users at a time nationwide. think about how small that is. gets 95 million users a month which works out to 2,000 users per minute. bill: it has been quiet on the ceo front of these insurance companies. but we heard from one of the big five. he's urging government officials to quote push the pause button and shut down until it's fixed entirely. he says this is the best short-term solution. instead of trying to fix tonight a patchwork manner day by day and hour by hour. martha: the number of people losing their health plans keeps growing. so far 4 million policies. 4 million people got unwanted letters in th
? steve king from iowa will be "outfront." >>> then the president said no chemical weapons in syria under any circumstances. he was willing to fight for this. is he about to cave? we have a special report next. >>> and code red. was the hazing of a 300-pound man under orders? new details a bizarre and disturbing story. , bp had two b: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? >>> our second sto
? representative steve king outfront. >>> the president said no chemical weapons in syria under any circumstances. he was willing to fight for this. is he about to cave? we have a special report next. >>> and code red with the hazing of a 300-pound man under orders? new details tonight on a bizarre and disturbing story. see a worlg with opportunity, with ideas, with ambition. i'm thinking about china, brazil, india. the world's a big place. i want to be a part of it. ishares international etfs. access to developed markets, emerging markets and single countries. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education
you earlier. thank you for being here. >> good afternoon supervisor. steve lee. the $13.8 million garage revenue and expenditures supplemental appropriation before you, $8.5 million for the garage and 5.3 for the farrel garage. it's a result of the sfmta refinancing the debt owed by the corporations that ran those two garages. in july of 2012, the mta refunded $6 million for the 5th and mission garage and $2.5 million for the garage. the mta terminated its lease with the two garage corporations. so historically the garages were run in a way that the corporations collected all of the gross revenue and paid all the expenditures and at the end of the fiscal year gave the mta the net income, so within the mta budget, the only budget line area was the reflection of the net income. now that the mta is running the garage directly, we need to have an expend tour so we can run them. we recommend that you approve this. >> thank you very much. colleagues, any questions? could we go to our budget analyst report, please. >> good afternoon, chair farrel and members of the committee. campbe
steve hallmark of any of the repeat it depends. you can use to paint job i was scared. is it twenty one and i need to wear we get to the board that plane crash put cheese call came the olympics to breathe new life into one of the country's lowest and most want every sense. but stacey has such a high profile media comes in an area plagued by violence and conflict may prove to be a difficult talents. a deal had found a nice gear and sexy. first the respect with the rest of the weather are for. well we are still watching this a very violent severe typhoon is rolling off towards the west you see here on the entire eastern asia satellite picture it is dominating the landscape down here towards a soft deftly are still very dangerous storm by boss went up by what's going on elsewhere across eastern asia in the world here where aisle towards the north actually in northern japan. this is a pretty gusty winds today actually gusting up to typhoon strength but on the twenty climbers prowess reporting am about the pre picture in a key to some of the image of the year in northern portions of poncho s
to a constituent of senator durbin's and mine. steve august. he is a veteran of iraq and lost his sight in battle in that country. 27 years old. i want you to think about him as too often we have a problem in thinking of our veterans as -- they are victors. steve is a rock climber and he is one of those big year's that candy and i see all the time. we rehab a lot. we were in that room working all the time is about 20 legs or arms missing for those guys. you cannot hold those guys back in this convention allows people to go and become victors instead of victims. ..
they are ready for the big leagues steve mcbride way they should have accepted a nice offer from the fox business we are a leading this is the work week cover things clean and fair and there was no reason to say no. whether they want to do another network but why some of the fox business id we would have done an excellent job but that being said there was a huge crowd and you could not get in there. says ceo and the executives in the middle surrounded by traders tuned obviously governors and the like then some of paparazzi and as a shield by the communications department. so unless i would do some crowd surfing at our rock concert it was near impossible to try to get to the center of the crowd or get comments. maybe we will make a better decision to wait for word but not all the at the open but what is most telling that holds onto the gains that we have seen so far. >> it is up 86%. later in the program we have qualcomm ceo paul jacobs "first on fox" business understanding we are a network that people listen to and i make the point because i guess we learned from the first business network to put
! ] >> this is steve, he is the head of the upper extremity program for the hanger clinic and he will work with you right now. to help get you set up for what you need. >> like dr. travis said, we are here to help us on -- help out the good people. >> hold still. >> i know it. >> we are all done for today, we will get the process started. >> thank you so much, dr. travis! ♪ >> and charlie and carmelita, if you are watching, i want to let you know you have inspired me and reminded me how good people, good things happen to good people. these are two of the best people i have ever met in my entire life. i cannot wait to see pictures of you fishing and i am coming to that barbecue, okay? i am looking forward to it! you guys should come with me! >> we are there. >> charlie, stick around. if you are watching, here's what's coming up next! ♪ >> i don't mean to in any way suggest that you are not a good father, i think this is just a bad choice. >> announcer: coming tomorrow, all new on the doctors. >> i have been having unexplained funky body odor under my pits and my boobs and yeah, even down there.
night the vote had been between steve lon gan and cory booker, the republican would have won. but his ego got in the way. there goes another senate seat. >> i'm aggravated. there is a coronation today for chris christie. the exit poll shows he wouldn't beat hillary clinton on the biggest night of his political life. how does he win with some of the appointments he's made, the economy in new jersey. it's nothing to brag about. he's wrong in terms of the conservative base on immigration, guns, the economy, green technology being the future. how does he win in a red state? everyone is making this prediction today. they are so wrong i can't believe it. >> as uh yyou know, i would def him on everything except amnesty. that's a mistake for the republican party. we are the party of the middle class, not wall street. when republicans come out for amnesty do the bidding for the plutocrats and the wall street crowd and not the working class americans, blacks and hispanics. that's our party. we are the populist party. it's wrong. >> hapg on a second. >> i say about christie, george pitaki won th
on the dotted line to rwanda for steve what happened last few weeks that the next potential trap. i think they're stronger diplomatic position than they were wet and twenty three went out there and be blamed on them entirely. i think they are actually the better position right now than they were even a week ago diplomatically that it took to the eastern congo are probably not in a better position whether or not. in twenty three was protecting them in their very exposed that they don't have any clear of political or military representation. but i would to make one point but sit on the question of negotiating with the hefty all our travels. rwanda has been negotiating with them for over fifteen years and has been constantly with kate reading and re integrating them if they surrender on the military call. what they want it to be re integrated tactical keep it. opposition force in the ottawa the politically. rwanda has not agreed on and that is partly because the very top leaders are trapped accused of the one to remain. but there are of being in the genocide but there are cards that way. hundreds
steve lun john to take a closer look. >> you were contacted despite this talk that it was an accident? >> yes. we had a fire and we had a death. the question of how the two of those items were going to come together would not play out for a couple days later and actually years later. >> the police, as they often do, began by interviewing catherine's soon to be ex-husband, paul novak. >> what happened in the interview as far as the way they treated you, the questions they asked you? >> they were nice. they just asked me about cathy's last whereabouts, if i knew of any boyfriends, who was in the house, any utilities that may have had a problem or something like that. >> the interview was all very routine. but the investigation at the scene was not. fire inspectors couldn't figure out what ignited the blaze. they checked the wiring, the appliances, the stove, the propane tank. nothing conclusive. but then, things changed. the d.a. brought in a specialist, a forensic pathologist do a second autopsy a few days later. and the results this time told a different story. >> we knew she did not
, europe's surprises and your money. michelle and steve are here. let's start with that surprisingly robust gdp number. take us below the headline. >> okay. so where we have the strength was in housing, up 14% and change. we had strength in durable goods purchases by consumers. where we didn't have strength, inventories. that was a big part of the reason. that's why people are not that optimistic about this number. two things. >> this was businesses restocking. >> restocking. >> rather than individual spendi spending. >> consumer spending was a very weak 1.5%. we put a lot of stuff on the shelves in the third quarter. the idea is they work it off in the fourth so don't order a whole lot of new stuff. also concern about the government shutdown, how that may work its way through the numbers. a little bit of exuberance, but tempered exuberance on this number. >> how surprised were you? >> i was not surprised at all. we've been talking for a week about a potential surprise. i'm surprised this number was not higher. they tracked it at 2.7%. i don't know why the consensus was so low. >> let's tal
would be at $600 instead of the slow boat course. if microsoft had done so, steve bamer could still have a job and there might be more to twitter than you otherwise expect. let's not forget perhaps this is another amazon. or a tesla, circa, like, last week. a cold stock where we don't even care about profitability but care the market is so huge that they get on the market. here's the bottom line. twitter is outrageously expensive. i understand the love. in my heart of hearts, i look at twitter's stock as i look at the stock you can buy in the green bay packers. not meant to trade. it's meant to let you be part of the twitter verse. feel free to overpay. feel free to love twitter. the stock. let's just hope it's not unrequaint. josh in kansas. josh in. >> caller: hey, boo-yah from kansas, jim. >> boo-yah. i love kansas. i think university of kansas could go all the way. go ahead. >> caller: i will see. looking at pwld. buffalo wildwings. >> well, you know, there's a lot of stuff going on today by people who seem to have buyers remorse. they say, wait a second, maybe we paid too much and b
to replace frank lautenberg and last night the vote had been between steve lone gan and cory booker, lonigan would have bon but his ego got in the way. >> were it not for christie's big ego, mcauliffe would have been defeated by the tea party. what evidence is there? >> that's never never land. the reason he held a different election date for cory booker was because he was afraid of his own candidacy. you would have the democratic base come out and he would -- his governorship itself would be contested highly by buono. let's take a step back. i think what we're really seeing right now is a fraction not only within the tea party movement but the tea party media movement. if you look at a quiet election that took place in alabama with the candidate who was a pro business guy that got heavily funded by the business community and was supported by senator flake and mitch mcconnell, they actually started -- they used it as a test case to see what could happen if big business starts putting forth candidates and actually basically breaking down the republican tea party machine. and that's one of the
up. kentucky governor steve beshear told me all it takes is planning and a little bit of hard work. >> our folks got in early and worked with the vendors on the website. as you know, we had very few problems with it, and it's cranking out people that are joining up every day at the rate of about 1,000 a day. >> joining up every day at a rate of 1,000 a day. the governor also told me expanding medicaid was the key to kentucky's success. >> particularly on expanding medicaid, i also had to be fiscally responsible, and i had to find out if we could afford to do this. and so i asked outside experts. i brought in some actuarial folks and they took a good hard look and they said, governor, you can't afford not to do this. >> i think governor elect mcauliffe in virginia should take a page out of kentucky's playbook. there are over 1 million uninsured people in the state of virginia. it's about 14% of the population. unfortunately, it's too late for virginia to set up a state exchange, but there is no deadline for expanding medicaid under obama care, which virginia should do. governor mcau
to manage -- caved in and to manage steve if they did very well. lori: but why does this happened why is this a historical precedent up so high on the first day that deflate? >> some do but google's did not i'm not comparing the two but when you bet on new technology with the capitalist system you have to believe it will work or will be bought by someone else to make a better mousetrap. i don't know. facebook baby bought by somebody else house someday baby facebook buys twitter. but you bet on sommthing happening good in the future. when doing that you roll the dice. there is no guarantees with us. with the ipo every betty lateen to buy the stock it is not a bad day in not rightabout 60 we will not see that but it still may go down if you look at the imf to voices retail investors got screwed guaranteed. what ever little detail was kidding in at 48 now it is 45. adam: now it is going up again. >> but if he played the cave you get what you deserve. i tell people not to divest. >> finally some good news from j.c. penney reporting the first increase of some -- same-store sales the first
this time. >> co-stars judi dench and steve kogan have made a video. so let's take a look at that. >> just when you thought i was dead. i have an important mission for you. are you familiar with mpaa? >> are you at war with the mpaa? >> i've enlisted them. that's all i can tell you with the blessing of barbara broccoli and the bond team "m" has returned from the dead to fight this battle and an agent and you'll see it. there'll be a premiere on "funnyordie." but you're the first to see it. >> we like to be the first. >> it's appearing on wednesday and "m" has risen from the dead. >> doesn't a part of you do the hula when it happens. you say, okay i'm going to come back. isn't there a part of you that's going do afternoon instagram going to do a hula? >> i'm going instagram you a hula. a jewish hula. >> chris said it's not a judgment value but an indication to a parent that it's no different than any other film. >> he's absolutely wrong just like they were on that title. protecting a -- look what happened. it became a giant hit. this movie opened in england last week with
by at the cme in chicago. steve liesman in studio. and i don't -- we've got to get to these numbers, rick. but i'll tell you, i figure you're thinking, these euros, misery loves company, we're going to race to the bottom with currency debasement. liesman comes over and says see how stupid they are, took them a long time to realize what the right thing to do was. i'd love to get you two guys going on that. >> bring it on. >> anyway, give us the numbers. >> all right. the survey says our first look at third quarter gdp, better than expected, 2.8%. and i'll tell you what, that is definitely more than i was looking for. let's go through the internals. consumption number, definitely on the weak side. we knew this, 1.5 versus our last look at 1.8. the price index triple our last look, actually. comes in at 1.9. also hotter, if you look at the personal consumption expenditure quarter over quarter, 1.4. so to summarize, the headline numbers definitely hot. the consumption is not and the prices are a little hotter than we expected. 336 on initial jobless claims, that's a drop of 9,000 from 345,000. that
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